Niche Navigator


In this book, you'll get:• The 6-Step "P Framework" that makes your niche dead obvious• Top 3 Niche mistakes 98% of online writer's make• The turn-key way to position your niche• 17 personalized self-discovery questions

What's All Included?

In this package, you'll get:• 38-page eBook• 30-minute Audiobook• Step-By-Step Checklist• LIVE Workshop Video


I've heard sooo much niche talk and it just ends up as noise and overwhelms me. But I went through Niche Navigator got clarity on stuff I've been circling around for months. Powerful. Thank you for creating it and sharing it! - @KateDWilson"I can't believe this is for free! This is really great. Thank you for sharing this!" - @iammarietracy"So many times you get something like this and it’s good information but you don’t actually go through the steps. I’ve already blocked out some time to sit down and back through it to take notes. I love the YT history idea. I also just want to say that I appreciate it being short and actionable. Totally refreshing." - @itschadjordan"Alin is a stud! He's going to make you better in all areas of life. Keep it up, Alin!" - @JeffWri"This is very helpful to me!" - @heyalbert_co

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